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If you fall, you could be able to file for workers' compensation

Falls in the workplace can be a real hazard. When you fall, you'll automatically want to try to catch yourself. That could mean falling forward and bracing yourself with your arms, wrists and hands or twisting to try to prevent yourself from landing directly on your back. No matter what you do, the chances are that you could suffer an injury.

Did you know that 687 workers died from falls to lower levels in 2016? Another 48,060 were injured so badly that they had to take time off work to heal.

The many risks of chemical burns and how they affect work

Working in an industrial facility, a manufacturing position, a salon/barbershop or even in certain kinds of restaurants could result in exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals. Most employers who use hazardous materials as part of their standard workflow have special equipment and safety precautions in place to protect their staff from injury and their business from liability.

However, no matter how careful workers and employers are, the potential always exists for something to go wrong and an injury to occur. Chemical burns can have a profound and lasting impact on someone's life, depending on the severity of the burns and the kind of work that an individual has long performed.

Minor head injuries at work can lead to major problems

Many different injuries can occur at work, and workers depend on workers' compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages while they recover. However, some injuries are easier to understand than others, and minor head injuries are not always simple to explain or handle in the workplace.

If a worker has an accident on the job and sprains their ankle, their employer can easily see that they suffered an injury, if for no other reason than because of their sudden difficulty walking without crutches. On the other hand, if a worker suffers a head injury on the job, the extent of the injury is not always obvious, and employers may be skeptical about the severity of the injury and the path to recovery for the worker.

Truck drivers have rights when they hurt their backs at work

People who have never been involved with the trucking profession likely fail to understand the demands it creates for professionals. For example, most people think of trucking as a relatively easy job. They think that if they can drive themselves to work and back each day, they can handle professional driving.

The truth is that operating a commercial truck is difficult and more dangerous than simply driving a personal vehicle. Trucks are difficult to control in certain situations and require extra training for safety. Drivers may have to manually attach and release trailers. Driving them for long hours can lead to fatigue and pain in the hands, arms and even hips. Even if that weren't the case, a trucker's job doesn't just involve handling the vehicle.

Misclassified? You can seek workers' compensation

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is more common than you may believe. The Internal Revenue Service believes that employers misclassify workers as independent contractors due to error in many cases, though some do so to save money and reduce labor costs. It's believed that millions of people are misclassified in the United States.

Misclassification is a serious problem for the employee specifically due to increased taxation, no right to overtime pay and ineligibility for unemployment insurance or workers' compensation.

The statistics: Workplace injuries impact thousands every day

Workers' injuries affect thousands of people every day. It might not seem like injuries should impact so many people, but the reality is that there are many jobs that aren't very safe.

The reality is that workplace injuries happen every day. Many of them could be prevented, but they aren't. As a result, the statistics about workers' injuries may appear shocking.

Trucking safety plays a vital role in keeping drivers safe

Driving a truck is a dangerous job. The trucking industry is a place that currently has many open positions. People are not turning to this industry as quickly as they once did due to the risks they face.

Interestingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that job growth will continue to grow in the trucking sector by around 21 percent over the next decade. By 2020, it's expected that there will be over 330,000 new trucking jobs. These jobs can be filled, but it's hard to find workers who want to continue under the conditions that many truck drivers face in today's world.

Workplace stress decreases workplace safety

Stress comes at you from every direction. You feel it when your bills come in the mail. You feel it when your spouse needs you to do something and you just don't have the time. You feel it when your kids have band practice, sports practice, drama club, school science fairs and a thousand other activities.

Some put it very bleakly."Life is full of stress," said one doctor. "If you're not stressed, you're dead."

Truckers can face serious hazards at work

Some people think that trucking is an easy profession. They think that these men and women just sit around and drive all day long. While it is true that the primary duty of the trucker is operating the rig, there are some very real hazards that these individuals face.

For injured truckers, there is almost always a tough road to recovery ahead. The nature of the job doesn't allow for them to work unless they are in the best shape possible. Even injuries that wouldn't hurt other workers' ability to perform their job duties can keep a trucker out of the cab. Here are some points to know about injuries that truckers might face:

You have a right to workers' compensation if you're hurt at work

You suffered a serious injury on the job. You had been focusing on a task when a coworker dropped a piece of equipment above you. Even though you had a hardhat on, it didn't protect you from the rapidly dropping item. The impact cracked the hat open and left you with a concussion. Yes, it could have been worse, but still, you have a serious injury to contend with.

You told your boss what happened, and he refused to start a claim. You even went to the hospital with a coworker after it happened, because he was worried that you didn't look okay. Your boss has claimed you're unable to file for compensation, but you know better than that.

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