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You Can Appeal

Far too often, legitimate claims for Wisconsin workers’ compensation benefits are turned down by employers or their insurance companies. The following are some reasons often given for claim denials:

  • Your injury supposedly did not occur at your workplace.
  • Your injury is supposedly the result of a pre-existing illness or injury.
  • The insurance company insists that you see “an independent medical examiner” — a doctor that is hired by the insurer.

You don’t have to accept a denial of benefits. With an experienced, skilled workers’ compensation lawyer, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision and receive full, fair compensation for medical care and lost wages.

Tom Siedow is a former workers’ compensation judge. He has an intimate knowledge of how to plan, present, and appeal workers’ compensation claims.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

We understand that doctors hired by the insurance company are typically paid to give the company a reason to deny benefits and save the company money. If these doctors did not do so, few patients would be referred to them.

In addition, the exams usually last around 15 minutes. How can any doctor properly assess the extent of your injury in 15 minutes? We will help make sure that your treating physician or other health care professional examines you and sufficiently documents all work-related injuries so that you get a fair hearing.

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