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Truckers can face serious hazards at work

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Blog

Some people think that trucking is an easy profession. They think that these men and women just sit around and drive all day long. While it is true that the primary duty of the trucker is operating the rig, there are some very real hazards that these individuals face.

For injured truckers, there is almost always a tough road to recovery ahead. The nature of the job doesn’t allow for them to work unless they are in the best shape possible. Even injuries that wouldn’t hurt other workers’ ability to perform their job duties can keep a trucker out of the cab. Here are some points to know about injuries that truckers might face:

Injuries from driving

There are three primary types of injuries that truckers might suffer from driving long hours. One of these is neck and spine injuries that are caused by the pressure on these areas when you sit down. The bouncing of the cab can exacerbate any neck or back injuries, which means that truck drivers must address them immediately. Another type of injury has to do with the hands and arms. It is possible that these professional drivers might suffer from carpal tunnel damage or shoulder injuries just because of the way they have to manipulate the wheel of the rig. The third type of injury is a leg injury. The bent position of the legs and the stress on the ankles while driving can lead to knee or ankle injuries.

Problems from loading and unloading

Some truckers are required to help load and unload the truck. These activities, plus having to secure the cargo, can lead to back and shoulder injuries from having to lift, pull and bend. These injuries can occur all at once, but they might also be cumulative injuries that get worse as time goes on. Sometimes, a trucker has to work in snowy, icy or wet conditions. These slick surfaces can lead to a fall while they are unloading, loading or securing cargo.

Issues due to accidents

On top of all of those hazards, truckers also face the possibility of being involved in an accident on the road. This can lead to serious injuries, such as spinal cord or brain injuries. Many of these injuries can be career ending. Couple that with the fact that people may try to blame the trucker when it wasn’t his or her fault, and you can see how devastating these crashes can be.