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When you pride yourself on your ability to work, an injury can turn your life upside down. Workers’ compensation is supposed to step in and help you get the care you need after an accident at work or cumulative injury over time, but the process isn’t always straightforward or easy. Denials are common, and if you don’t have legal help you may lose the benefits to which you are rightfully entitled. Therefore, it is essential that injured workers seek committed and knowledgeable legal help. At Siedow & Jackson, SC, that’s what we provide on a daily basis. We’ve been strong advocates for Wisconsin workers for more than 35 years, and are ready to put this experience to work for you.

Every Workplace Injury Matters

Some firms only take cases that are going to provide big payouts. That’s not our style. We’re in this to help people get their lives back on track, and fight for what is right. We recognize that a wide array of work injuries can interfere with your ability to live your life and work in a productive way. That’s why we don’t limit our practice to the “big” cases that other firms fight over. We’ll help you if you have any legitimate work injury and wrongful denial of compensation, whether for a back injury, arm injury, leg injury or repetitive strain injury. We take pride in standing behind Wisconsin’s workers, providing them with the tools and representation they need to recover and get back to work to the fullest extent possible.

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Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our highly experienced workers’ compensation lawyers, serving Eau Claire and the entire surrounding Chippewa Valley area. We look forward to hearing about your situation and providing you with the perspective and information you need to move forward. Don’t let cost be a concern. Our attorneys work on contingency, which means that you pay us nothing unless we recover compensation for your injuries. To set up your appointment, call us at 715-318-2743 or toll free at 888-896-6174, or email us for more information.


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