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Last updated on March 9, 2022

Traumatic injuries are accidents or incidents that happen all at once, and can result in severe impairments and pain. Traumatic injuries are covered as workers’ compensation regardless of your or anyone else’s negligence, as long as the injury occurred while performing work activities.

Traumatic injuries often result in obvious and dramatic injuries like fractures, torn tendons, torn cartilage, or worse conditions like amputations, burn injuries or crush injuries. In some cases, these injuries can become permanent disabilities, and render people unable to return to work in their previous capacity.

The “Good News” About Traumatic Injuries

Unlike some occupational illnesses or repetitive stress injuries, traumatic injuries are usually obvious and straightforward. Often there will be witnesses to the work accident who can confirm what happened to cause the injury. For these reasons, traumatic injury claims are usually easier to navigate than claims for injuries and illnesses that accumulate over time, or that aggravate an existing condition.

This is not to say that having a traumatic injury is preferable to other types of injuries. But it could mean that your claim may be easier to defend than those arise from long-term work conditions, or claims that may be attributable to other causes.

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