Eau Claire Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Nothing is more frustrating than being injured on the job, losing income and not knowing what happens next. Your employer handed you a form to fill out, but you hated to be a complainer. All you wanted was to get back to work again, but your medical treatment is more than you can afford.

What Do You Do When You Are Injured?

To begin with, unless the injury is very minor, you should talk to the area's oldest and most experienced workers' compensation law firm — Siedow & Jackson, SC, of Eau Claire. No one in west-central Wisconsin has handled as many cases, or produced as many good results, as Siedow & Jackson.

If you're injured at work, it's only fair that you get the medical care and compensation you need and deserve. Let the experienced Wisconsin workers' compensation attorneys of Siedow & Jackson obtain maximum benefits for you.

Seeking Rightful Compensation for Workplace Accidents

We represent clients with a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, including:

Back, neck, knee and shoulder injuries

Broken bones


Electrical injuries and burns

Occupational illnesses

Repetitive trauma injuries

Loss of vision and hearing

Chemical poisoning

Common and Uncommon Work Injuries

Many of the problems we seek compensation for are common: falls from scaffolds, manufacturing accidents, trucking accidents, back problems of nurses and home care attendants.

But we also take cases that are less common — workplace violence, accidents caused by supervisors, nervous disorders, the aggravation of pre-existing conditions — even injuries to telecommuters at home.

Successful Rice Lake Occupational Injury Attorneys

Tom Siedow learned workers' compensation from the inside out, beginning as a worker's compensation judge. Luke Kingree started practice as a worker's compensation defense attorney, understanding the tactics of insurance companies who deny claims. Teaming up in Eau Claire has been a fulfilling experience for them, as they help neighbors through difficult injuries and workplace illnesses. Our lawyers' familiarity with Wisconsin courts has helped make them more successful in obtaining rightful compensation for you.

If you have been injured on the job, had a claim denied or know someone who could use a helping hand, call Siedow and Jackson at 715-318-2105 and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

Siedow & Jackson Honors and Affiliations

Selected for inclusion, The Best Lawyers of America, 1995-present
Selected for inclusion, Wisconsin Super Lawyers, 2005-present
State Bar of Wisconsin, 1975-2009
Wisconsin Association of Workers' Compensation Attorneys, 2004-2009

For a helping hand, contact the Eau Claire workers' compensation attorneys at Siedow & Jackson, SC, at 715-318-2105 or toll free at 888-896-6174.